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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Comfortable isolation

No great chunks of prose this week. Instead, a thought and a question.The first two pictures show the houses that I grew up amidst. The first one was taken in the 1960s, the second in 1974. Most have been knocked down now, I mean we're talking about the C21st, though a surprising number remain.

The question is what has replaced them and would you like to live in them? It's a tricky question because it involves conflicting perspectives. The modern equivalents are eco -friendly and well insulated boxes. The old ladies, though not perhaps the girl playing football would likely prefer them to the cold, draughty houses behind them.

On the other hand my sense of loss with regard to these old terraces may well reflect self-indulgent nostalgia. Notwithstanding that, for me, the one represents community and character, the other comfortable isolation.

Is there a right answer?


Maria Zannini said...

Both look pretty sterile and uniform, but I'll bet the former was a lot more fun.

Mike Keyton said...

In one sense, you're right. Both were built to a pattern, both were built for the poor. I think though there were more ornamental flourishes to the C19th pattern. And nostalgia notwithstanding, one has a certain gothic patina that comes with age. Or is it because one is in black and white, the other in colour. See, the complexity of perspectives :)