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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Bob Dylan in Lennon's bedroom

Bob Dylan has always been high in my top five bands/musicians, even now when his voice and lyrics are now beyond Delphic in live performances. I would love to have seen some of his earlier tours, in particular the Rolling Thunder Review, and I still feel sore that I missed my chance at those first historic concerts in the UK.  I could have been standing next to the idiot who shouted 'Judas'.

When I did see him in Cardiff nine years ago he sounded like a frog with catarrh. But I still loved him. Sheer perversity.

I listen to him quite a lot now in the gym. Isis is brilliant on the running machine or Cross trainer. I feel like I’m on the journey with him… ‘The wind it was howlin and the snow was outrageous…’

But what caught my attention was a story passed on to me by an old friend. I’ve copied and pasted it below, and it just makes me appreciate the man more.

Folk legend Bob Dylan mingled unnoticed with Beatles tourists during a minibus tour to John Lennon's childhood home.
The 67-year-old troubadour paid £16 for the public trip to the 1940s semi in Woolton, Liverpool, last week as his European tour called at the city.
He was one of 14 tourists to examine photos and documents in the National Trust-owned home, where Lennon grew up with his aunt Mimi and uncle George.
A National Trust spokeswoman said Dylan "appeared to enjoy himself".
The trust said its tours of the Beatle's childhood home form "an insight into his humble beginnings".
Visitors are free to wander around the property while asking questions of the curator.
But as tourists prepared to drive out to the house to get an insight into one musical icon, they did not recognise another one sitting next to them.
"He took one of our general minibus tours. People on the minibus did not recognise him apparently," the spokeswoman said.
"He could have booked a private tour but he was happy to go on the bus with everyone else," she added.
The house, called Mendips, has been restored to its original 1940s style by the trust and contains early Lennon memorabilia.
Lennon is said to have developed his passion for music in the suburban house and wrote some of the earliest Beatles songs in his bedroom.
The spokeswoman said a number of singing stars had been on the tour in the past, including James Taylor and Corinne Bailey Rae.
But she refused to be drawn on whether Dylan was the biggest star they had shown around.

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