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Friday, 27 July 2018


I had promised faithfully not to get drunk or be embarrassing in anyway during the cruise— the latter being a bit of a tall order. I majored in embarrassment. The problem was, we had signed up for a £200 drink’s package to cover our ten days. This took some careful and methodical planning, but I am glad to report that at the end of the cruise I was in profit by the princely sum of £80. 35 p. As they say, you can take the boy out of Liverpool . . .

It was easy to sip lager staring out at as fjiords and mountains slipped by, sometimes harder to read as landscapes merged into reverie and the occasional whale. We are in Northern Iceland, touching the Arctic circle. 

And reading was one of the great attractions of the cruise. Unless you paid an exorbitant sum for Internet connection, you were cut off from every distraction, other than planning when you’d have your next drink. Truth was, I was on the verge of being burned out after a prolonged period of writing – scripts, novels and short stories. It was good to just do nothing and read, and sip drinks and eat and put on significant weight (all of which has since gone, though that required serious amounts of porridge and water.)
This is my last post on Iceland, so I’ll end up with our one significant walk from  Seydistfjordur to the Vestalseyri valley and waterfalls in in the mountains. The photos speak for themselves. I hope.

The walk starts

A gentle incline at first. I'm not fooled.

And now we're pretty high up. A river but no waterfall as yet. 

In winter there can be some devastating floods.

Call that a waterfall?

Hmm, a bit better

My favourite picture 

So good, I snapped it twice.

These three pictures of the plateau cannot capture the absolute silence - when not broken by an 
Curlew or Arctic Tern

Okay, Okay another waterfall but are we getting any nearer yet?

Promising. The noise is deafening.

And we've arrived. 

Homeward bound. At least it's down hill.
The ship! Looking forward to that first drink and then dinner

A nice ice cold lager. And ooh look, a whale albeit a shy one.


Maria Zannini said...

It's strikingly primitive and raw. I can easily see living in a cabin out there.

re: drinks
You did well! They've probably got your name on a list somewhere now. :)

Mike Keyton said...

I imagine my name is on more than a few lists if you consider some of the stuff I've googled over the years :)