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Friday, 12 July 2019

I'm with Fred R Barnard

Sometimes life gets in the way, and the words won’t come. But luckily, Fred R Barnard comes to the rescue. In 1927 he came up with the quote ‘A picture is worth ten thousand words.’ It was later watered down by others to just ‘a thousand words.’ But I’m with Fred, who was probably in much the same position as myself. Nothing to offer but 6 pictures which by my estimation is a good 60,000 words.*

The first two were taken from an evening walk behind our house. ‘It will be good for you . . . You’ll enjoy it,’ they said. Hmm.

The next batch come from the house of some good friends on the Kymin, which overlooks Monmouth.  Now that, I did enjoy. Friends, a full stomach and fine wine. Even the sky turned up trumps. You can see the ‘sugar loaf’ and the Welsh hills in the far distance, Monmouth immediately below.

For those who like tiresome quibbles  


Maria Zannini said...

Beautiful! I hope you won't be disappointed with our lack of rolling hills.

DRC said...

Stunning views. So lucky to have that just a stones throw from where you live.

Mike Keyton said...

Sorry for delay, Maira, just come back from Yorkshire - our equivalent of Texas - at least Yorkshire people like to think so : )
And no, I won't be disappointed in your lack of rolling hills. You have big skies and old west myth

Mike Keyton said...

Thanks, DRC. You have to draw breath sometimes and think of how much we take for granted.