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Friday, 2 April 2010

Thank you Kathy, Rick, Kirsten and Garret

And there I was, flying back to New York, a small plastic tube of volcanic ash in my hand, courtesy of Mount St. Helena, and a hundred memories of Washington State jostling in my mind. Chief amongst them Kathy, Rick, Kirsten and Garret. I’ve been careful about posting too many photos of them because even though a decade or more has passed, and what they are now is not what they were then, I’m wary of imposing on natural privacy. I’ve chosen just six – a snapshot of the Mallerys in a particular time and space. In my mind they’ve stayed like that, fixed in aspic even though I know the reality is different. Still, maybe their grandchildren will find it interesting, a Christmas week when something magical happened.


Kirsten in action

Garret,urgent and relaxed.

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