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Friday, 26 November 2010

Bored in Los Angeles

Sunday 25th

On that day we toured L.A – a dirty and tedious city. It was accompanied by a verbose and lack-lustre commentary. A proud and civic minded los Angelino might take exception, much as I would by anyone who had the temerity to malign Liverpool, but then we each interpret what we see, and what I saw was Universal Studios and downtown LA.

At Universal studios I had a shark jump out at me, saw stuntmen re-enacting Wild West gun-fights, observed Dracula haunting his castle and then it was over.

Angel Pavement left me similarly under-whelmed. I checked out Roy Rogers, and saw the star of ‘Lefty Frizzell' – who I’d never heard of. I think it should be somewhere in the contract that only people known to Mike Keyton should have their star and hand-prints imprinted in concrete. To be honest, it seemed a sad little honour. Is that all life has to offer, a hand-print in concrete in a sleazy street?
Guess so.

Credit & Copyright: Dave Jurasevich who kindly gave permission to show another side of Los Angeles. Earth or sky, the choice is yours

In the evening we went up to Mount Wilson Observatory and looked down on the lights of L.A. The soulless streets had been transformed - a master-class in illusion trumping reality. Then we politely queued to look at the moon through a telescope.

Even now I remember the tedium of that day. It was the first time ever, in America, I’d been bored.


Maria Zannini said...

Touristy attractions have never interested me. I'm just not a camp follower type. So I can understand your boredom.

My best adventures have been in the wilderness. Though I don't think I would have done your trek into the desert. (I still shake my head in incredulity when I think of that story.) :grin:

I've really been enjoying your adventures--and appreciate the warning not to bother with LA.

Mike Keyton said...

Thanks, Maria. I think you hit the nail on the head. I was stuck in a tourist trap and it just seemed a bit seedy and unimaginative. Disney was different, it was so surreal and with so many layers - and Las Vegas - to come - trumped badness.

Carlos J Cortes said...

Hey, is that you in the ducky checkered pants? What a disappointment, Michael, I never guessed... still...

Mike Keyton said...

Hey, don't say that, Carlos. My wife might buy me some for Christmas!