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Friday, 29 May 2015

Well, that's Summer sorted

The bizzare, the wonderful, and the mundane; it all happens in Monmouth and surrounding area. In June, should the fancy take me, (and if I had or acquired a dog) I could participate in an attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for 'Most dogs in one place wearing a bandana. The current world record, and this I truly didn't want to know, is 764.

Think. That's 764 people or more who decided to dress their dog in a bandana in order to break a world record. It's harmless but decidedly eccentric, even if done for charity. Why not extend it? Parakeets in tuxedos, cats in pyjamas, snakes wearing condoms....perhaps not in Monmouth.

For those without dogs, parakeets, snakes or cats there is always an alternative. Also in June WWF Cymru is calling on people of all ages to make a stand for Nature and 'Wear it Wild.' The nations is being challenged to dress as wild as 'they dare.' Helpfully they make suggestions: wear animal print socks at work, leopard leotards on the school run, or go out in a Wild Onsie. It's a worthy cause and comes with a worthy caveat. Only fake fur please.

But this Sunday - be still my beating heart - is the Tintern Duck Race. This involves Ducks floating down the river Wye from Brockweir Bridge. Cash prizes for the three winning ducks. Their owners I presume. When all is said and done it beats 'Poo sticks'. There are more variables with ducks.

And finally for the more timid, and those wanting to get fit, there is of course 'The Big Welsh Walk'--> WITH ACTIVITY SHEETS. Oh Joy.

All this in the Monmouthshire Beacon. A snip at 45p.

I shall keep you posted if we break the world record in dogs wearing Bandanas


Misha Gerrick said...

Oh yes! Do let us know how many badana'ed dogs showed up. ;-)

Mike Keyton said...

Will do, Misha. Do you want them colour sorted as well :)