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Friday, 2 March 2018

Where is a good pheasant when you need one?


Life is so uncertain and short. One moment you’re flying without a care in the world, the next minute you’re dead. The thought came to mind when I read about a pheasant that flew into the helmet of a biker at a combined speed of 60mph.  The six-pound bird shot from over a hedge and crashed through the man’s helmet. Both died on the instant.

It is important to note that both were sober, for it leads on to another story in the same newspaper.

A lawyer’s widow caught drink driving argued in court that she should not be banned from driving as her driveway was too long to walk down.

She had been driving a £79,000 Mercedes G –class 4x4 and was three times over the legal limit, but her lawyer (whom managed to keep a straight face) argued that since her drive was a quarter of a mile long, she would have to make significant lifestyle changes should a driving ban come into effect.  The good lady also asked not to do Community Work. She claimed it would ‘put her in an alien surrounding,’ as she had never worked.

She was banned from driving for two years, fined £560 with £750 costs but was spared from working with the great unwashed.  It seems, on the whole, a fair judgement, though the judge, no doubt coming from a similar background, shared her view that a ‘lady’ shouldn’t be expected to work. He replaced ‘Community work’ with a ‘rehabilitation course’ (whatever that is) instead.

Where is a good pheasant when you need one?

* Courtesy of Wiki / Gary Noone Flikr


Maria Zannini said...

Over here we call women like that victims of affluenza. A little hard work never hurt anyone. It seems judges are always way too lenient with people like that.

re: driving ban
If she's on her property, she can drive without a license I'm sure. The problem I think is that she strays off her driveway. I wish I had a 1/4 mile driveway. :)

Should we take bets to see how long before she breaks her driving ban?

Mike Keyton said...

I think for me the pheasant exemplified the randomness of life, Maria. The lady was just terribly sad