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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Lockdown, Madness and Marketing

Ming saw something was wrong.

Teddy and Bun were bored

Bun had an idea. "We’ll listen to the radio."

But Teddy was cross. He wanted music.  He wanted to dance. 
Bun wanted news.

Ming sighed. "Read a book," he said.

"Don’t like these," Bun said after a time. "They frighten me." Teddy agreed.

"What’s your book about?" Teddy asked.

"About a man with a beard. " Bun said. "Yours?"

""A crazy detective. He shouts  and kills people."

"This book’s alright," Bun said. "I think I'd like to drink there."

Bun looked across to see Teddy's book

Teddy sighed. "More crazy detectives who drink and kill and have nice teeth."

"I’m bored," Bun said.

Ming sighed.

And Teddy fell asleep.


Maria Zannini said...

And it's come to this. Lockdown might be getting to you-- or to Bun and Teddy. Hard to say. :)

Mike Keyton said...

It had to come eventually, Maria. Teddy and Bun are my new 'besties' :)

PS, how come I can put an emoji on your blog but not on mine? Maybe Bun will know.