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Friday, 4 December 2020

What did they put in those mince pies?

We sat with our coffees and mince pies, contemplating the dystopian vision beneath us , a vast  ocean of snow, a frozen sea. 

Our future when the sea levels rise and the valleys are flooded. 

An indication where to build and where not to.

And then the mist slowly lifts over the fields 

And Monmouth coyly peeps through

On a similar day we explored a forgotten world when railways were king 

And like awestruck barbarians contemplating the ruins of Rome 

Wept to see the abandoned ruins of great Victorians. 

Well, we didn't actually weep. We went indoors and had a cup of tea.

For those interested in the scale and history of the Iron Bridge and Viaduct, the wiki link is here. 

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