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Friday, 15 March 2013

'These are a few of my favourite things...'

 I was surprised and pleased to be given a reward I've never heard of before. It's called the Liebster Award. It comes with a snazzy badge and the bonus is I get to write about myself, which makes for an easy
 blogpost : ). The bad news is that I have to find eleven others, but unfortunately time doesn't permit and I'm rubbish at soliciting...as the Actress said.... Mind you, anyone who fancies being Liebstered just award yourself with it and get writing : )

What is your favorite...
...room in your house?
That depends on circumstances and the time of day. When I’m tired it’s the bedroom, a book, sleep and then dreams – most with more coherent plots than I’m able to manage when I’m awake. When I’m hungry it’s the dining room – or the kitchen where I benefit from ‘cook's perks’. When I’m writing it’s the study. When I’m watching TV it’s the lounge. When I have to do something urgent, it’s the toilet – an under-estimated pleasure. 

...flavor of ice cream?
High quality vanilla
My favourite holiday of all time was the 7 week circular camping holiday I took in America. It started in New York – Niagra – Dakota etc. We had an Austrian who came 2nd in his home country’s national cocktail championship. We drank a prodigious amount – cocktails mixed in large tubs and experienced the true size of America in a way you wouldn’t travelling by plane. Highlight, walking down the Grand Canyon. Low point, walking back up again.
...vacation spot?
Has to be America, though Italy – Rome and Pompeii is a close second. I had no idea how vast the ruins of Pompeii where, or how easy it was to lose yourself in time and place. Or how good water is in the height of an Italian summer. Fantasy location spot:  A coastal inn with good beer, a fierce log fire and the sea bashing against the mullioned windows. Sea shanties? Just no.
...genre for reading?
Too eclectic to specify. On a negative note I don’t like Romance – and I apologise to all my friends who publish romance novels – though I’m sure they understand.
...breed of dog?
Bull terrier, because my dad had one before I was born. It had to be tied to the mangle when strangers knocked at the door. On one occasion my grandmother found it hard to get rid of a salesman – and then very suddenly he went. She turned to find the dog – silent but getting closer, dragging the mangle behind it.
...time of the day?
When I’m writing, when I’m eating, when my family come home, when my head hits the pillow.
...sports team (any sport)?
Easy. Liverpool
...book from your childhood?
Kidnapped. By Robert Louis Stevenson.  I was always intrigued by Alan Breck. I’d also have to say Biggles
T shirt and shorts
...year in your life so far (not counting this one)?
I can’t do this one. It has to be four – the year spent in America – the year I was married – the year my son was born. The year my daughter was born. And, for obvious reasons I can’t be pinned down as to which of these is my favourite.
Thank you Linda. Hope I didn’t disappoint : )


Veronica Sicoe said...

Oh I would LOVE that dog! Sounds exactly like my kind of pet. My hubby & I have a Romanian shepherd who can't stand strangers and would gladly rip them to shreds. But he's terribly respectful of our orders. However, many a gipsy gives my parents-in-law's house a wide berth when he's barking, standing up against the gate as tall as a man. Teehee.

Mike Keyton said...

It was born before I was born, but his story lives on : ) And I like your Romanian shepherd. I've never come across that breed before.

Maria Zannini said...

You need a dog, Mike. Someone to walk with you in the mornings--and to keep pushy salesmen at bay. :)

Mike Keyton said...

A dog would be good, Maria. Also, I'd like a telephone dog that would go for cold callers.

LD Masterson said...

I love the pictures, thank you for sharing. But (I hate betraying my ignorance this way) what's a "mangle".

Mike Keyton said...

Linda, I can not only tell you what a 'mangle' is, I can give you a picture!


Anonymous said...

Very entertaining, Pard. You know, I remember my gram doing wash with a mangle. How old does that make us? /rhet

Jay Paoloni said...

Interesting, especially the favourite book. I read it when I was a kid. Loved it.
Vacation spot, glad Italy's in the first-three ranking.
High quality vanilla, perfectly agree!

And by the way, I'm back to blogging!!

Mike Keyton said...

Hi Jay, good to see you back again. Hope you had an interesting break. Ref book, Italy and Vanilla I see we're sympatico - Forgive my Italian : )