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Saturday, 27 June 2020

Lost for words

Mark Dawson, author and entrepreneur summed it up. If you can’t explain your book/pitch in one sentence forget it. With that in mind, and for the first time, I thought I’d attempt it on the front cover of the new book coming out soon.
And here it is. 

And yes, it is exactly what the story’s about. 

But then doubt sets in. ‘Straddling/draining’ is that one too many words ending in ‘ing’? And what about ‘Time and Space’ – is that too Dr Who derivative? If it is derivative of anything, it’s the long standing Sci Fi tradition of pitting ordinary people against something beyond their experience, John Wyndham being one of the earliest exponents.

And you can’t get anything more ordinary than two Newport teachers:

The back blurb though  allows a little more space and here the human element slips through:

Quantum virus. Inter-dimensional parasite—labels to define an unknowable force, straddling galaxies, draining worlds and apparently unstoppable.

Five moguls, who between them control much of the earth’s wealth, explore the blurred distinctions between exploitation, collaboration and appeasement.

Two Welsh teachers and a self-confessed loser stand in their way

Any views or suggestions would be much appreciated. I swear, such things are more difficult than writing the damn book.

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