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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Brobdingnagian ignorance

This one almost got it before the soapbox appeared and he got on it:)

Moderate movement

My first reaction to the letter from Clayton Z Cross (May 9th) was that it was a joke in incredibly bad taste.

Indeed I am still not convinced otherwise, for it is difficult to believe that a letter so completely asinine could be genuine.

Mr Cross appears to regard Wales as a creation of the tourist industry instead of a nation with Europe’s oldest living language and a literary tradition extending back to the Sixth Century AD

Such Brobdingnagian ignorance stuns the imagination and leaves it supine.
Mr Cross refers to the activities of Welsh nationalists as leaving ‘much to be desired.’

May I ask him to state what these activities have been, apart from having two people democratically elected to the United Kingdom parliament.

He also seems abominably ignorant of his own nation’s activities and would be wise to let memories of America’s activities in Cuba and Vietnam subside, rather than attempt to draw anaemic parallels between them and moderate and reasonable movement for political devolution in our over centralised state.

I would also suggest that Mr Cross, by his puerile and ill informed observations, has done America’s tarnished image scant good in Gwent, and such comments as he has made make one turn to the image of his multi racial utopia provided by the news media: one governed by a venal president and racked by racial prejudice.

One does not need to turn to minority political parties to discover the world’s unpleasant face and far more plausible scaremongering can be done than imputing Machiavellian motives to democratic attempts to ensure a fairer distribution of decision making in Britain.

M.R.V. Claremont, Newport.

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