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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Regrettable Remark

A friend...maybe, or a pink-livered liberal. I guess he's putting Clay Cross in the 'bad' and 'prejudiced' camp, nothing a Smith and Wesson wouldn't sort out :)

Mr Roger Tanner’s Plaid Cymru candidate for Pontypool criticises an American for ‘blind prejudice’. May I ask if there is a better example of ‘blind prejudice’ than Mr Tanner’s unfortunate remark that ‘Americans only look at foreign countries through very dark sunglasses’.?
I have met many Americans and found good and bad, fair-minded and prejudiced – as in every other nation. Mr Tanner’s view of Americans is merely a narrow-minded caricature.
The electorate of Pontypool judged well in giving him a mere fraction of the total vote in the February General Election.
D S J Newbridge

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