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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ignorant Assessment

My apologies to a blameless continent. Clay Cross kicked open a hornets' nest.

Ignorant assessment

It is not often we see the American point of view in the Argus, but after reading the contribution from Clayton Z Cross, perhaps it’s just as well.

Mr Cross reflects the views of many politicians in his fine country in founding his assessment of international affairs on complete ignorance, blind prejudice, and a monumental inability or unwillingness to understand foreign cultures.

His belief that Wales was the mere invention of the British Tourist Board is a case in point. Wales of course has a history seven times as long as that of America, and the Welsh, Mr Cross may be amazed to know, inhabited this part of the world many centuries before the English.

The conflicts with Cuba, Vietnam etc which Mr Cross mentions are not attributable to their respective nationalisms, but to American imperialism – the belief that the American way of life is far better than anyone else’s and must be imposed, by military or economic means, on the rest of the world.

Welsh nationalism is an attempt to preserve and develop a Welsh way of life, different and in my view preferable to the British/English or American ways of life (though I would not presume to impose it on other countries)

The fault of Mr Clayton Z Cross and many like him all over the world, is that they can recognise nationalism in others but not in themselves.

It is a well documented fact that Americans only look at themselves through very dark sunglasses.

R. T, prospective Plaid Cymru candidate for Pontypool.

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