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Monday, 2 February 2009

Nationalist Activity

The first Clay Cross letter written when devolution was just a word. The heading is that given by the letters' page in the Argus.

Nationalist Activity

Like most Americans I’ve always regarded Wales as a particularly cute idea of the British, a tribute to the ingenuity of your tourist board.

Recently, however, my ideas have taken a turn for the worse. Maybe I have an inbuilt Geiger counter when it comes to the presence of subversive activity. Maybe I’m just curious.

But the recent activities of the Welsh Nationalist movement leaves much to be desired, and reminds an outsider of similar patterns of ‘nationalist’ activity that were eventually to lead to such sinister conflicts as Vietnam, Cuba, and, in your own backyard, Northern Ireland.

The United States of America embraces all nationalities – Germans, Poles, Irish, and, of course, the English. But first and foremost we are American citizens and proud of that fact.

What ever happened to the United Kingdom?

Clayton Z Cross,
Manley Road

Surely no one will bite?

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