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Saturday, 7 February 2009

A sound spanking

I was finding it too easy to slip into Clay Cross. At least I'd established the 'fact' that a late 1950's American gumshoe was living in Newport and had opinions on nearly everything. I wrote one more letter after this which I won't post because it was needlessly cruel. Cross however was oblivious to the fact and probably still is.

A dying culture

I find it a sad and indeed depressing feature of the Argus that it invariably over emphasises the faults of certain sectors of British society – stevedores, steelworkers and teachers – as a substitute for a whole culture dying on its feet, and authority afraid to lift its finger.

It is no accident that no child of mine is enjoying a British education. Of what value is an education system that has lost both confidence in its aims and the authority to enforce those aims?

The result is that all are reduced to the ‘consensus standard,’ a standard all too easily accepted by the ‘confused and overawed parents’ June Moore feels so much sympathy for.

A standard of acceptance is largely created by the amplified opinions of press pundits, those jack-of-all-trades (when it comes to quick criticism) and master of none.

With all due respect to a woman, I nevertheless suggest that had June Moore herself experienced a sound spanking when in her teens, she would understand a little more profoundly the nature of rightfully exercised authority she now too easily denigrates.

In my opinion it is in the ill considered populist defiance of long accepted authority on the part of a ‘selfish’ media that the responsibility for the long term decline of this once great nation lies.

Clayton Z Cross Bryngwyn Road Newport.

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