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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Escaping Chuck

Newport was a good place to escape demons, or at least exchange them for others. There was the Kensington club – slap bang in a residential area but which played great music and even better bands.
The Stones may never have played Newport but Cockney Rebel did (see them here) and so did Dr Feelgood on a down and dirty stage in the Kensington.

Joe Strummer of the Clash began his musical career in Newport and dossed in a house adjacent to the taxi firm where I once mislaid a Christmas pudding.

And finally there was El Siecos – later TJ’s where Kurt Cobain played and later proposed to Courtney Love.

For more reflective drinking you went to the Murenger – the oldest pub in Newport and the finest. I’d certainly travel from Texas to sample a pint of Samuel Smiles – but then I’d probably fly back again if these strange men began singing.

Another out of the way pub was The Church House Inn in Portland Street. Pill. It was here that W. H. Davies was born.


Next to it was a paint shop called the Colour Centre. Here Gareth Williams delivered paint from a white van and sometimes delivered me to school if I woke up too late to walk.

This last picture is by courtesy of Andrew Prosser. To see his superb collection of photos go here

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