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Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Aventour Map

Below is the map of the journey I took. I don't know how close I came to Maria Zannini, though I think she was living in Chicago then, but anyone else I came close to enroute, please drop me a line. Regard it as a 'Time Traveller's Wife' experience, but without the romance and definitely not the sex!

Anyone who fancies a flavour of authentic America or better still have your your own blog advertised, check out Maria Zannini's contest:

But anyone content to stick with a wide-eyed idiot, just hang around here.


Maria Zannini said...

Mike, yours is one of my favorite blogs to follow. I never miss it.

That was a heck of a journey. How long was it from start to finish?

I've been in Texas since 1976. Up until ten years ago, I used to live in a small town about 90 miles east of Houston.

If you ever come back to the states, we'll reintroduce you to Texas. --now that you have a local guide.

PS Thank you so much for the linky love!

Mike Keyton said...

That's a real compliment; thanks, Maria.

I think the journey took about 40 days - some in the wilderness.

And yes, I'd love to come back to Texas one day...'before I get old'

broken biro said...

Hi there! I'm just visiting from Maria's blog. What a trip you took - something I'd love to do. Where would you recommend the most and... erm... when was it that you were there?

Mike Keyton said...

Hi Broken Biro, thanks for calling in. I was there in 1982, the memory still indelible because I invested so much in it.

My favourite corner was the south-west, where the heat was exhilerating and dry. My favourite moment seeing the sun rise over the Grand Canyon, then walking the cork-screw path down to its bottom. Walking back up, less good.

Greatest regret, missing Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon - so South-West, Broken Biro, possibly calling in to Maria's for afternoon tea :)

broken biro said...

Thanks for that - but I'm delighted to say that I have 'done' the south west a bit for my fortieth a year or two (ahem) ago.

Like you, I would have liked to keep heading west into Monument Valley, Painted Desert etc... maybe next time!