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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Jackson Hole

Monday July 12

I hear it’s great in Jackson Hole

Yup, mighty pretty.

Okay, whose big idea was this?

The town square has arches on each entrance; each arch is made from elk antlers that have been naturally shed. Or so I've been told.

We had, for us, a late breakfast at 7 am and decamped to Snake River for a day of white-water rafting. It was fast and exhilarating, and then there were the quiet moments, drifting down river past immense sandstone cliffs. It was easy to dream of Shoshone and Blackfeet, easy to dream of making this a more permanent way of life. Our time on earth is finite. What better way could there be to spend it like this? Only John Lennon was right. Life is what happens when you're busy making plans. What chance dreams?

The Pink Garter Theatre

Back in camp we soaked up the sun and lined up for the laundry. In the evening some of us went to the Rodeo but I went with Kay to the Pink Garter theatre to see ‘Little Mary Sunshine’ My God, it was funny. Or maybe the sun had got to me

It took several drinks in the bar afterwards to settle me down, and a few more at the Ranch inn just to make sure and get those damn tunes out of my head. It didn’t prevent several erotic dreams of Nancy Twinkle, but that was alright.

Rome does things differently :) Made from the bones of 4000 Capuchin monks, all naturally shed but perhaps more macabre than Jackson Hole's bone-gate. (In response to Maria's comments below.)


Maria Zannini said...

Ref: arches

You use what you got, I guess. In Texas you sometimes see those chairs made out of cow horns. Not one of those things you want to bump.


Mike Keyton said...

You use what you got

Very true but to what purpose?

The capuchin monks of Rome used their bones 'naturally shred' to make a point: As you once were, so were we. As you are now so you will be. And cowbone chairs are, I guess, good for spearing cats...but arches made from elk horns...?

Bottom line is what all three have in common, other than tourism - ie the human obsession with the macabre
(see photo additions to blog. We went there this summer, had an icecream and thought on death.

Maria Zannini said...

I have to admit, I have an unnatural preoccupation with the macabre. I really like the bone chapel.