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Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas, and goodbye - for now

 I'm taking a break until early January, but I'm hoping you'll all be having such a great Christmas you won't notice. Have a good one, as they say, and this is my present to you. Thank you for all your comments over the year


Check it out.

PS A less welcome present is a temporary return to the dreaded captcha. My in box has been flooded with anonymous spam and its difficult to weed out the one in a hundred genuine 'anon' from the spurious.


Jay Paoloni said...

Oh, no, I hate captcha. But I wish you a merry Christmas anyway!

Maria Zannini said...

I'm taking a break myself after Monday. Let's just say it's in honor of your birthday. ;-)

Ref: spam
Have you switched your settings to Registered Users?

It's under Settings/ Posts and comments / Who can comment.

Occasionally someone gets in, but it's been rare since I changed my settings.

Merry Christmas, Mike, to you and your family! Hope you get to spend some time with them.

Mike Keyton said...

Thank you for your tolerance, Jay - and a merry Christmas to you too. It's only for a time. I'm hoping the spammachine will eventually lose interest, but truth is I have no idea how these things operate.

Thanks, Maria, and a merry Christmas to you and Greg too. Hope you're well soon. Ref 'registered users' thanks for the tip. Seems easy to do, but doesn't that also pose a hurdle for would be commentators. What does it actually involve for them? I don't get that. Do they have to register?

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: registered

When I tested it a few months ago, I asked various people to tell me if they had any difficulty. Everyone got through regardless of platform. I think as long as you have a legitimate 'registered' blog, it lets you in.

Mike Keyton said...

Thanks, Maria, that's a clear answer. One question - because awkward is my middle name - what about someone without a blog. I'm thinking of a regular trickle of commentators who have come across my Liverpool posts via family history and stuff. What does it involve for them?

But you're right, I've never had any trouble commenting on your blog.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic present you've given us all. Those pictures are amazing. Immersion Abyssale puts me in mind of a Pink Floyd concert. Wonderful stuff. Thank you.

A very happy Christmas to you and yours, Mike, and all the best for 2013!

Mike Keyton said...

Thanks Shirley. It struck home for me because my daughter was there - as part of her year in France ref degree course.

Tammy Theriault said...

grrr to spam! hope you had a awesome holidays!! new follower, hi!

Mike Keyton said...

HI Tammy and thanks for the good wishes. Thanks, too for following me : )

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The good old days when folk weren't so easily offended at stuff that had nothing to do with them. I'm pretty certain that some of Redd Foxx's old material concerning his own race could have white pansies climbing the walls with outrage.

Mike Keyton said...

Hi Crash, and thanks for dropping in. I'll check out Redd Foxx. I reckon, too, you'd like vintage Billy Connolly - when he was in his prime. Brilliant and surreal. Must be on You tube