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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Welsh whisky and labial entanglement

For those more used to brief ‘wine notes'  like 'vanilla undertones'  etc, try this on for size. You might find it easier to read the transcript below.

"Welsh whiskey is the most wonderful whisky that ever drove the skeleton from the feast, or painted landscapes in the brain of man. It is the mingled souls of peat and barley washed white with the waters of Tryweryn
In it you will find the sunshine and shadow that chased each other over the billowy fields, the breath of June, the carol of the lark, the dew of the night, the wealth of summer and autumn’s rich content—all golden with imprisoned light. Drink it, and you will hear the voices of men and maidens singing the ‘Harvest Home,’ mingled with the laughter of children. Drink it, and you will feel within your blood the startled dawn, the dreamy tawny dusks of perfect days. Drink it, and within your soul will burn the bardic fire of the Cymri, and their law-abiding earnestness. For many years this liquid joy has been within staves of oak, longing to touch the lips of man, nor will its prototype from the Sherry Casks disdain the more dulcet labial entanglement with any New or Old Woman."

Doesn't this create a craving where none existed before? Especially if you're a 'new' or 'old' women.' 

It was my brother-in-law's birthday treat, and we duly set of to the foothills of the Brecon Beacons where the wonderful Penderyn Distillery is hidden.

It's stylish but not much to look at from the outside. Inside, magic is born. 

Before the tour of the distillery actually begins you whet your appetite in a small but informative ‘museum’ where the history of welsh whiskey – from the ice-age to the present day is portrayed. From the ice-age? Were Neanderthal’s drinking Welsh whiskey? Not quite. It was from that period the aquifers beneath the distillery came into being. So many fascinating snippets. Welsh whisky was being produced from the start of the C19th until the damnable Temperance Movement put it out of business. 

The Penderyn Distillery was conceived in the minds of three drinkers who spent most of their time in the pub just down the road. They knew of the aquifer, had the vision but no money. No problem. By 2000 production had started and now they are going from strength to strength (in terms of alcohol content literally) and picking up award after award.

And then the distillery itself. The pictures can tell most of the story. For technical details should you want to make a lego version at home, this site is useful and this

                                           Some are matured in bourbon casks
                                           others in madeira casks. It tells in the taste.

                                                       And now for the tasting




Maria Zannini said...

Wow! Now that's a description.

What a great idea for a birthday gift too. Did the women-folk enjoy it too?

Mike Keyton said...

Maria, they also make vodka and gin and a beautifully subtle version of Bailey's liquor called Merlin. Bernadette is very happy about that. And yes, that is some description. It made me salivate just reading it

LD Masterson said...

Wow. I don't even drink whiskey and that description made me want some.