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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Let Them Eat Nettles!

A 24 year old man from Devon recently set a world record after eating 96 feet of nettles in an hour (Precut into two ft units) He was taking part in the World Nettle Eating contest at the Bottle Inn in Marshwood Dorset. A record was also set in the women's nettle eating event by Naomi Harris from Chard Somerset who got through 58ft of nettles.

Meanwhile on a planet far from ours we have the House of Lords obsessing over food.

Complaints by Peers about their quality of food in the House of Lords included such horrors as having to wait for too long for a sandwich, and a 'Supreme of Hake' with too hard a crust. Another peer complained: "This week with the roast meat we have had carrots, parsnip and celeriac so that with the roast potatoes there is a considerable excess of carbohydrates." He was met with an apology and an assurance that in future there would be more spring veg

Another moaned about the "yoghurt being too heavy." Bear in mind the eight restaurants and bars in the House of Lords are subsidised and cost the taxpayer nearly £2million. The subsidies mean that a Lord can enjoy 'prawn and lobster meat folded into avrugia caviar for a mere £10. There will be some who think the noble lords are but troughers, others who think the catering staff need try a little harder.

The orange bra wearing Lord Sewell recently caught sniffing cocaine from prostitutes' breasts expressed similar unhappiness that his Parliamentary allowance and expenses were barely adequate to fund his activites. I think we can exonerate Parliamentary caterers from this particular grievance.  It is quite clear the niggardly tax-payer is at fault in this instance.

There will be others who disagree, suggesting perhaps that Peers should eat nettles.


Maria Zannini said...

I don't think our politicians eat at subsidized restaurants. They get their graft in other ways.

:sigh: I so wish I were joking.

Mike Keyton said...


Again, I don't understand where the time has gone - or my brain. I'm sorry for such a delayed response. I guess the richer a country is the more fruitful the graft :)